imagine dream create!

Radio Bambini is an online offering for childen aged 0 – 5 years and their carers. It offers children an alternative to television with music, listening and dancing being the main focus. As more and more young children become exposed to education and amusement via computers at home, at school and at kindergarten, Radio Bambini is a website for young children where -although the computer is the tool – they still need to use their imagination. Using your imagination is paramount to learning and development. No-one wants their children to be spending hours and hours in front of a screen without interaction. Learning opportunities are missed and imagination lapses. Through it’s clever use of music and voice, Radio Bambini requires children to use their imaginations, developing this critical life skill with every listen! There are no animations so children aren’t mindlessly watching – there is audio alone – facilitating the requirement for children to listen and focus while they learn. The variety between segments is enough so there are many learning opportunities in each ‘bubble’. Radio Bambini also works as a routine for new parents and carers. This was incorporated intentionally as there is nothing more important than raising young children to a routine. A predictable routine gives children stability, allows them to feel safe and encourages them to grow. Original, unique and unlike any other. Let your children experience the gift of music and storytelling as it should be. Let your Bambini’s loose in their imaginations with you, their siblings and their friends and take joy in watching them learn, laugh and grow.

Turn up your Radio, Bambini!

good morning

Listen to Will’s “Good Morning” song to brighten your child’s day. Especially written for Radio Bambini its uplifting, catchy little tune will have your little ones wanting to put it on to start their day… and mums and dads, you’ll find yourselves singing along too. Jess will also teach your children the days of the week. These will be second nature to your kids by the time they start school.

let's learn

Later in the morning after the school run or a play in the park when your child’s memory is still sharp, join the effervescent Zoe as she teaches your children their ABC’s and 123’s. This segment will bring happiness and vitality into the life of your child, making learning fun and exciting.

panel discussion

Pop the little one down for her/his morning sleep and it’s mum and dad’s turn. Let Fiona and Kirrily immerse you in all things parenting. From baby blues to number twos, no topic will be overlooked as we bring you the most up to date information and chat to the most prominent specialists in their given fields. This is a special time for the primary carers in your child’s life to discuss what matters to you most.

story time

When they’ve woken up and feel like a play, why not get down on the floor with them, raid the dress-up box and create your own play while listening to classic fairytales. Alternatively there is always the “If I were” series. Your children will be slaying dragons, blowing down a house of sticks and soaring through the clouds on a mythical unicorn. If they’re more into art, why not draw some of the characters, or even make a book with them?

time for a rhyme

Cute, quirky little nursery rhymes your kids will love. Why not play it in the car while driving around picking kids up from school or collecting the shopping. Ella, Freddie and Andrew are a gorgeous family trio. Your child will be begging to come back to these delightful and catchy tunes.

move and groove

let the kids dance their wiggles away! Put it on and turn it up loud!!! There are loads of new songs your children won’t have heard before. From Big Band to more serene lullabies there’s something here for every child.

good night

At the end of a long, tiring day, it’s time to settle your little one down to sleep. Radio Bambini provides a perfectly consistent end to a busy day, with Jess and Will appearing again to settle your children. So gather your little one up in your arms, snuggle in tight and listen to a story from Jess. Finally finish the day with Will’s beautiful “Goodnight“ lullaby. Your little one will be asleep before it’s finished. Sweet dreams, bag of beans xxx