wall of gratitude

As you can see an idea is one thing but turning an idea into reality takes an extraordinary effort and the work of many. My heart felt thanks to all who appear on the Radio Bambini wall of gratitude.


Julius. To one of the world’s most beautiful people. Your unwavering support of me is awe-inspiring. Your constant reassurance, guidance, patience and love make me one lucky lady. “You can leave your shoes under my bed”.

Jemima, Jacob, Remy and Orlando for all your love, support, guidance and of course inspiration. I love you.

The Fielder Family; Annie and Mike

The Britten Jones Family; Melissa, Peter, Louis, Will, Oliver and Camille

The Ogden Family; Millie, Marky, Willa and Pip

The Cox Family; Inlaws, Outlaws and everyone in between

To all my magnificent Cousins, Aunties, Uncles, Nephews, Nieces and Grandparents.

The Team at Fuel CDI, Sydney

Sara and Chris Roe

Words cannot describe just how grateful I am to these two amazing people. Without Sara and Chris and the team at Fuel there is no way Bambini could have been brought to life. Your generosity, professionalism and kindness goes beyond words and your faith and belief in Radio Bambini is overwhelming. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kelly Viles

Pete Appleyard

Ellyn Hui

Ashleigh Beddoes

My Bambini Family

Will Sheridan Jess Williams Zoe Sheridan
Andrew Curry Freddie Curry Ella Curry
Kirrily Frigo Fiona Clancy Andrew Killey
Sophie Fairweather Fiona Treweeke Mark Farrell
Max Fairweather


Laura and John Rogers Chui Wu Hong Philip Doyle
Ho Kah Chuan Jonathan Kao Lorraine Anne Tay
Sandra Seah Lim Siew Lin John Gordon
Davina Stanley Christopher Quek Justin Fun
Ben Mankarious John Zeigler Steve Newman
Amanda Edwards Will Anstee Gina Anstee
Esther Ng Roger Jenkins Sam Jarvis
Antonia Kidman Simbiosis Renae Rokic
Annie Calder Eleanor Craig Angela Leong


Belinda Killey Jeremy Rolleston Dan Winterton
Stuart Burden Mitchell Harris Geoffrey Caesar
Bobbi Campbell Commercial Worx, Queensland Astbury Audio, South Australia
Sarah Killey Helen Davies Cheryl Robson
Peg McColl Leah Coughlan Britta Angel
Samantha Shearan Cathy Burke Faztech Productions, Victoria
Tara Donnelly Kayelene Curruthers Nikki Hills
Tracy Spicer Andrew Longhorn Frank Roveta
Steven Curry David James Cate Friedlander


The Smith Family, Deidre, Bill, Hugh and Archie

Asha Griffiths

Scott Neeson

Musical Genius

Chris Parkinson, My Sweet Mule, SA John Baker Matthew Broadbent
Manon Sheridan-Burec Velvet Sheridan-Burec Ella Papilion
Katie Abbott Marvin Abbott Gloria Abbott
The Rrrrrockets Reuben Tupaz Mark DeSilva


Sara and Chris Roe Sean Tsai Peter England
Julius Cox Carola and John Cox Katrina Davies
Karen Miller Deidre Smith Vanessa Strack
Matt Lumbers Millie and Marky Ogden


You all know who you are. I love you all dearly and value and cherish your friendship and love. Your positive support and encouragement has helped me enormously and for this I am eternally grateful.


To all in the Angelic realm, my Guides, Healers, Helpers, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and especially Major Mitchell.

To Penny Fenner, Cok Negeri, The team at The Hoffman Process, Trina Lucas, Heather Grace, Clive Whitby and Elaine Yang.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your guidance and support, insight and love.